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kiss me in the shadow of a doubt.
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01 01 20


Check these out instead, you'd probably like them better: 



07 30 09 (UTC)
Crappy. My dear Your art is wonderful! I really love it! Stop talking bad about it! Draw me something *pouts* T_T

08 09 09 (UTC)
I thought I added you already but I guess not, so I'm going to go ahead and add you now n__n
08 09 09 (UTC)
I added you back Jaime, yay!

PS. I always love your icon ♥♥♥
08 09 09 (UTC)
Thanks Nao♥♥♥
09 01 09 (UTC)
ola nao.. this is ecchan desu~ i would like to add you.. hehehe :P and your drawing is WOW *__* cool!
09 01 09 (UTC)
ecchaaan~! *waves* :DD
i added you back hihi...
aw makasih aku masih belajar ^^ *hugshugs*
10 09 09 (UTC)
NAOMI!!! It's artimitatessex. this is actually my regs journal and I have come to notice that we aren't friends on my regs journal - and I think this should be fixed!

Let's be friends! ^___^ and flail over Arashi together!
10 09 09 (UTC)
oh Shan of course!! >8D we HAVE to flail over Arashi together. Teehee!
10 09 09 (UTC)

10 28 09 (UTC)
hi~ see you around rather often. and i'm surprised i have not started stalking you yet. have we talked before? i do think we have something in common. and i like your art. i'm not an avid commenter but i do like looking at them. :D

add me add me add me add me
10 28 09 (UTC)
haha, to be honest, i don't think we've talked before except exchanging comments on your fic, but it's OK ♥

and thanks for liking my arts <3 there are some more of them in the locked entries. i feel grateful when people say my art is likeable.

added you back :) yay!
(Deleted comment)
11 24 09 (UTC)
XDD it's okay, baby ♥
i downloaded it via torrent, i just sort of looked it up in isohunt.com and i found it here

and thank you, glad you like it :))
12 16 09 (UTC)
^_^ hi this is rin-chan, i would add you. =] your art is so cool.
12 27 09 (UTC)
sorry for the late reply. i'm glad you like my artworks, thank you :) and i've added you back. let's be lj friends ♥
12 28 09 (UTC)
Your comments on my fics make me all gushy if you didn't figure that out already. xD And I absolutely love your art and fanfiction, even though I've only commented like, once for each of them (I think). :'D /fail

FRIENDS? Please please please? *o*
12 28 09 (UTC)
aww :D thanks for loving my arts <33 i think they worth more than my fanfics, lol XD

added you back! :D
(and is that 'twewy' on your profile is intended to be 'the world ends with you'? because if yes i'm going to scream hell yeah right now.
12 29 09 (UTC)
But I still enjoy reading them~ :'3

alskjfs go ahead and scream all you want then. I love that game so much. XD♥♥
12 29 09 (UTC)
OMG YAY! yes, i love love love that game SO MUCH! 8D one of the best games i played in 2009. and the graphic is amazing too. ♥ couldn't stop playing it, but i'm somehow stuck in the secret boss. guess it's because i ran into chrono trigger and dragon quest v lol~
12 29 09 (UTC)
Yees, and the story/characters are love. *-* And then I somehow fell in love with JoshxNeku pairing, but anyway. LOL! I'm still somewhere in the beginning of the secret missions. D: Because, for some reason I can't click on those stupid pigs LOL. x_x (And since I only started playing it recently-ish.)
12 29 09 (UTC)
oh indeed, yes, they are my OTP (how many fucking otps do i have?) and josh seriously looking like kaworu nagisa (neon genensis evangelion) doesn't help me at all. jeez i might do a fanart soon. oh besides, josh x neku is my favorite battle pairing too. josh's combos are easssssy.

eh, the beginning of the secret missions? so you're completing the chapters?

you can't click on the pigs? you're so unlucky *snickers* those pigs bring joy. anyway, have you played the another day chapter? it polished my previously-nonexistent tin pin skill, hahaha.
12 29 09 (UTC)
Gotta love them OTPs. xD Oh yes, please do some fanart and I'll love you forever more. Hah, Josh got me to like using the upper screen character. <3

Yeah. IT'S THE PIGGIES FAULT, LOL. T-T Ugh, when I search for them they don't appear (even though they're supposed to be in the area), and then when they do appear I click on 'em and nothing happens. ;A; I've been able to complete a couple of secret missions, but now I can't move on, guh~
I've played it, but..haha, my tin pin skills suck horribly. XDD *must keep trying*
04 27 10 (UTC)
hi theeerreeeee (^w^)/
04 27 10 (UTC)
Hiiiiiiiiiii! :DD
04 27 10 (UTC)
it's very nice in your place :D
04 27 10 (UTC)
Hee! That sounds really cute, if not a little Aiba-ish and I am flattered. :"D
04 27 10 (UTC)
hahahahhaaaa you can't resist against Aibaka-chan >:3.
so, yoroshiku onegai shimaaasssuuuu :DDDD

btw, i was serious about a letter :D
04 28 10 (UTC)
Yeay! I will PM you my address :'D ♥
07 23 10 (UTC)
hi :) i love yur art ! i came across it when i was reading jamasunda's fanfics XD i think they r awesome! wish i could draw like yu!

well nice to meet yu! pls keep drawing cos they r awesome stuff!
07 24 10 (UTC)
Thanks, I'm glad you like my drawing. ^^ If you want to see my drawings I suggest you going to either my deviantArt or my Tumblr; I post them more on there rather than here.
08 07 10 (UTC)
Hay, we should definitely be friends! :3 I've been stalking your journal/arts for a while, so I figured we should make it "official". ;D
08 07 10 (UTC)
Whaat, you've been stalking? That's flattering. :">
Anywho, I added you back, and you'll soon know that I ramble a lot >w
11 07 10 (UTC)
hello! this is dimple!! ;) i found your lj account when i was search for an arashi magazine scans in arashi_on. i found the old myojo magazine scans but i cannot download it because it is locked. i hope you won't mind if i add you and i hope you will add me back. Hoping to download them. thank you so much. i am from philippines ;)
11 07 10 (UTC)
Hey Dimple, all my scans are posted over here. Membership is open, so you can always just join. I never post scans here because this is my personal journal. ^u^
Have a nice day. melody
11 07 10 (UTC)
thank you so much!!! ganbatte!!! ;)
11 14 10 (UTC)
Naomi! I'm just going to stalk you here now, okay, cool.
11 15 10 (UTC)
B-but I whine a lot here!
And it's mostly about how I ~hate life~
It's pretty embarrassing, actually,

07 08 11 (UTC) - I hope there's still some extra memory space
I hope we become new friends. I sent you an S.O.S. message. ^__^
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