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kiss me in the shadow of a doubt.
01 28 11
I decided to take a break from LJ.

The reason is stated in the previous post. I feel it is unnerving for me to post personal things whereas everybody else is only ~flailing~. Yes, I did have a fangirl-y phase where I only talked about fandom here, but now, not anymore. My LJ has reverted back into its original purpose as an online diary, and to be honest, lately I don't feel like posting personal things here anymore because of the rather 'designated' audience (or to be specific in this matter: Arashi-centric) here. I'm being repetitive but let me say again that it really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Albeit I wouldn't go as far as deleting this account, I might make a new account. It's a shame that LJ doesn't have some kind of friend-filter option. If I ever decided to move I will let some of you know.

If you ever needed to contact me regarding anything, you can just PM me and I will surely reply (though might be delayed, I am not famous for my punctuality). I still would keep my other accounts so if you want to get in touch, I have my Tumblr or deviantArt. I also have Twitter though it mostly works as a daily rants garbage dump.

And lastly, I apologize if this offends you in any way.
01 27 11 (UTC)
Um, LJ does have multiple friend filter options. I use them all the time.
01 27 11 (UTC)
01 28 11 (UTC)
I just found out about that! LOL gotta make better use of it next time. I'd still refrain from posting here for a while though.
01 28 11 (UTC)
I didn't notice that! Silly me!
01 27 11 (UTC)
;___; *sniff* I-I'll miss your posts.. D'x (aha I feel guilty for being so Arashi-fied, but seriously, if I posted more about personal life it'd be about how much it snows and stuff. *is that boring*)
*will write you though and we must become awesome penpals* O':<

.... T___T *trying not to be all whiny* Well have good life.. rofl jkjk, not like I'm never gonna see you again.. xP
01 28 11 (UTC)
Aww don't feel guilty! The problem is in me anyway. Now that I found out that apparently LJ has multiple friends filter, I'll make better use of it, haha (I seriously didn't know about it until someone pointed it out!). Though for a while, I'd still refrain from posting here I guess.

01 27 11 (UTC)
愛してるよー。T~T ♥♥
01 28 11 (UTC)
ありがと! でも、最近自分の話ばっかりよ。I feel uncomfortable to share such private things among people that has no interest whatsoever in it. :| そうと思う。。。なんか、悪いね。
01 28 11 (UTC)
Oh, i think there's nothing to be offended with:)

since i know some of your places (like tumblr or fb) i shouldn't worry, should i? :з
01 28 11 (UTC)
まじ? 良かったな。なんか、「悪いそうな事を言った」感じがあるよ。
Yeah you do, so you don't really have to worry. It's not like I'm gonna totally disappear or something.
01 28 11 (UTC)
Arh pity i cannot type kanji on my cellphone. Neither can i on my pc though xD
01 28 11 (UTC)
Haha well you can just say it in English.
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