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kiss me in the shadow of a doubt.


Check these out instead, you'd probably like them better: 



The second edition of Mystery Kitchen house party series, this time accompanied by 2416 Zine launch! :) Feel free to come, there's visuals and music and of course the illustration zines. <3

01 28 11 -
I decided to take a break from LJ.

The reason is stated in the previous post. I feel it is unnerving for me to post personal things whereas everybody else is only ~flailing~. Yes, I did have a fangirl-y phase where I only talked about fandom here, but now, not anymore. My LJ has reverted back into its original purpose as an online diary, and to be honest, lately I don't feel like posting personal things here anymore because of the rather 'designated' audience (or to be specific in this matter: Arashi-centric) here. I'm being repetitive but let me say again that it really makes me feel uncomfortable.

Albeit I wouldn't go as far as deleting this account, I might make a new account. It's a shame that LJ doesn't have some kind of friend-filter option. If I ever decided to move I will let some of you know.

If you ever needed to contact me regarding anything, you can just PM me and I will surely reply (though might be delayed, I am not famous for my punctuality). I still would keep my other accounts so if you want to get in touch, I have my Tumblr or deviantArt. I also have Twitter though it mostly works as a daily rants garbage dump.

And lastly, I apologize if this offends you in any way.
11 26 10 - Things.
• Happy birthday Ohno, I love you.
New headphones + Rilakkuma plushie! ♫
• Might be making a new blog/ journal because I'm insecure like that. 

I kind of want to do another friends-cut. There are people who scarcely comment here and seemingly has no interest whatsoever in whatever I post that doesn't concern Arashi. Why did you add me again? This is a personal journal.On my next entry I'd most probably delete some users. 
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